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Многим будет интересно:

Вот что Kими говорит сам о гонке на своем вебсайте (
перевод с финского на английский товарисчем TSA1981 с форума ( и мной одного параграфа на русский)

Может ктото менее занятый все переведет...

I am not a fisherman but we tried to get the biggest possible catch from monaco but nothing came up even though we finished the race.

I can't help it and it is no use to think about it anymore. I left that race behind me right after I had apologized Adrian for ruining his race.

Sometimes it is just so difficoult when nothing works like you wished for. Yes we had quite good car for Monaco. Our car was much better than last year but the result was even worse.

We got in to the front row in qualifying which was a great result for the team but when I wasn't able to get the pole it made the race quite much harder for me then already.

I wished for a wet race and I got it. We just lost it before the race even started. We couldn't get my back tyre on place because there was some problem with the bolt. We had to use too much time fixing it and we got penalized.

Honestly speaking it was truly a horrible race. We didn't get any grip to the tyres and the car was just out of control. I couldn't see anything either because I didn't get the lead.

After my penalty I just tried to finish the race and get the best points I could get. Honsetly speaking 5th place and 4 points would have been a good result from that race beacause all our plans had blown up in the air.

I just crashed to Sutil. Somewhere else I could have done something maybe but when you brake on a bumb on a street circuit like Monaco you just lose it and thats it. What troubles my mind the most is the fact that I ruined Adrians great race. I know how much it is hurting him.

Я просто врезался в Сутила. Где нить в другом месте, я может быть и мог бы чтото сделать, но когда ты тормозиш на неровности на уличной трассе как Монако - ты просто теряешь это и все. Что беспокоит меня больше всего это что я испортил хорошую гонку Адриана . Я знаю как сильно это делает ему больно

So we got nothing from Monaco. It was a second bad race for the season. I said already after spain that even though there is no need to count the points yet it is good to have a little safety gap in points.

We all get some bad races during the season and now it was my turn again. Luckily I had a little point advantage so I am still in a good postition to fight for the WDC.

Now it is time to look forward. Canada is a nice place and our car should be better there too compared to last season. You cant help it though if it is going to a strange gp like Monaco was. We are trying our best to score as many points as possible and that is what we really need after Monaco.
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