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И снова о шпионаже

Судя по последним сообщениям autosport.com документы Феррари попали в руки к Кохлану уже в марте (т.е. ещё до ГП Австралии) этого года, а не в конце апреля, как было сказано в пресс-релизе Макларен. Если это действительно так, то вполне веротно отсутствие разработанных Феррари компонентов в болидах Маков. Зато возникает вопрос, а не был ли протест о гибком днище Ferrari F2007 выдвинут именно после изучения этих злополучных 780 страниц?

That news in itself was big enough, but perhaps more significant was the fact that the FIA said they had reason to believe McLaren had 'unauthorised possession' of the Ferrari documents from March - rather than the April date that has been bandied about up until now.

In fact, McLaren's own press release when they initially announced that Coughlan was suspended said: "The team has learnt that this individual had personally received a package of technical information from a Ferrari employee at the end of April."

Coughlan has kept silent on the matter, although he has provided Ferrari with an affidavit explaining when and how he came to have their documents in his possession. So why the date change?

Ferrari are understood to have asked the court for permission to hand over that affidavit to the FIA as part of their investigation into the matter.

The contents of Coughlan's 'confession' are unknown, but perhaps in there it has become clear that Coughlan has had the documents even longer than was initially stated by McLaren.

And should it be proved that he had knowledge of the Ferrari F2007, including what the FIA has said is: "information that could be used to design, engineer, build, check, test, develop and/or run a 2007 Ferrari Formula One car', then that could have very important implications on the case.

It was at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix in March that McLaren famously asked for a rule clarification about the moveable floor on the Ferrari - and in doing so forced a rule change from the FIA who subsequently toughened up its floor tests.

The moveable floor controversy was widely believed to have hindered Ferrari in their fight against McLaren.

The FIA will no doubt look carefully at the exact dates when Coughlan had the data, and whether any of his actions can be ruled to have influenced the team in that time frame.

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