dale_spb (dale_spb) wrote in ru_f1,

He looked at us with disgust

A group of Fernando Alonso supporters has slammed the reigning World Champion for treating members badly at the first race of the 2007 season.
17 members of 'Pena Asturias F1', whose website is called 'Club F1 Alonso', travelled to Melbourne to watch their countryman's McLaren debut but returned to Spain disappointed, according to El Mundo Deportivo.
The President of the club, Manuel Rodriguez, said 25-year-old Alonso treated his fans 'like crap' by refusing to sign autographs or pose for photos.
"He looked at us with disgust and answered 'no'," Rodriguez said, adding that members of the Alonso fan club had to be content with photos with Kimi Raikkonen and even Bernie Ecclestone.
He continued: "We are annoyed. We support the driver but we think Alonso as a person leaves a lot to be desired."
'Pena Asturias F1' members, however, still intend to travel to Malaysia for the next race.

Без комментариев. Я, конечно, понимаю, мальчик у нас звезда и все такое, но люди в Австралию летели, не в соседний Херес.
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