July 13th, 2005

Mosley's solution to overtaking?

"Having done a 180 degree turn on the issue, FIA President, and keen overtaking fan, Max Mosley, believes he may have the answer.

The Englishman is understood to be looking at the possibility of introducing a turbo-boost button, which would give drivers up to 60 more bhp - in a sudden five second boost - which could be used at various stages during the race.

The technology behind the booster would see the cars use heat generated under braking, which would then be stored in a battery."

Wow! Не нет так. WOW! Даешь большую кнопку NITRO в центре руля! И закиси азота пару баллонов! И выхлопы чтобы непременно с пламенем! И гонки ночные!

(Голова идет кругом от захватывающих перспектив)

PS Не шутки. Тема реально обсуждается, тим-менеджеры высказываются за. Некоторые.